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Join the Highest Paying
Hosting Affiliate Program

Help us spread the word about the next step in the hosting evolution, and earn up to $200 per sale! You get to promote the very best in hosting, while earning the industry’s highest commissions.

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High Commissions with Weekly Payouts Thresholds

Globally parallel task granular alignments through excellent intellectual capital. Globally deploy vertical leadership.

  • 1-5 Sales /mo $50 /sale
  • 6-10 Sales /mo $75 /sale
  • 11-20 Sales /mo $100 /sale
  • 21+ Sales /mo Custom Commissions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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server room
server room

Easy Ways to Refer Clients and Earn Commissions

Phosfluorescently fashion front-end web-readiness vis-a-vis robust networks. Interactively redefine frictionless interfaces after timely benefits. Continually drive maintainable vortals via synergistic metrics. Intrinsicly fabricate scalable web-readiness before seamless technologies.

Credibly foster customer directed meta-services and cost effective process improvements. Monotonectally build adaptive catalysts for change rather than cost effective results.

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Best Features For Affiliate Success

These features come standard in all of our hosting plans. Dynamically extend imperatives through open-source quickly niche markets.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

We are proactive to ensure your success, through attentive help and carefully designed resources.

Intuitive Affiliate Dashboard

You’ll get access to an easy to use dashboard with great tools created to support your growth.

Reliable in-house tracking

No need to dig into a bunch of documentation. Simply install web apps like WordPress, Joomla!.

Campaign tools

With multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators and monitoring.

Great affiliate support

With SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are faster by our calculations.

affiliate support

No question is too simple, or too complex for our team of experts. Synergistically synergize.

Precise Sales Tracking

Real-time detailed affiliate tracking helps you understand your traffic and improve your campaigns.

Complimentary Hosting

All our affiliates get 1 month of free hosting, so they can try our service, experience the advantages,best results.

Attractive visuals

Our intuitive control panel gives you admin access to all of your DreamHost products easily.

Affiliate Program FAQ

Do I have to be a Raidlayer Hosting customer in order to become an affiliate?

You don’t have to be a customer in order to become an affiliate. However, being familiar with our service helps you understand and promote it better, therefore you can always request a free test account. Just shoot us an email on live@raidlayer.com
and we will set you up.

How to make the most out of our partnership?

Please check our affiliate guide which will help you get started on the basics. Also, each of our affiliates has a dedicated affiliate manager. We will be more than happy to jump on a call with you and discuss how we can best cooperate. If you’d like a one on one meeting, please email us on live@raidlayer.com
We will get back to you shortly!

What is the difference between our Affiliate and Referral Programs?

If you’d like to consistently recommend us or market our Hosting services to your audience, then our Affiliate program is your best bet. It is the highest payout program in the industry, with an industry-leading product.

If you’d like to recommend us to someone particularly, like a friend, co-worker or a family member, then we suggest you do it through our Referral program – you can start instantly, and you don’t have to apply.

How long does it take for a sale to show up in my account?

Any sales made via your affiliate link will show up immediately in the Reports section of your affiliate account. You can access your commissions report under Reports > Commissions in your affiliate area.

I've made a sale. How and when will I be paid?

Once your earned commissions have reached or exceeded our minimum payout amount, you will be paid on or before the 10th of the month following our standard 45 days withhold period. For example, if your approved commission occurs on the 1st of January, the 45 days withhold period will end on the 14th of February, which means you will receive an automated payment from us on or before the 10th of March. In case the triggering date happens to be a Saturday, Sunday or a US national holiday, the effective date will be the first one after.

What is the minimum payout amount for the affiliate program?

The minimum payout for our affiliate program is $100.