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Complete Website Security & Hacked Website Recovery

Web security is introduced to protect your networks and computer systems from damage to unknown threats of software, hardware, or data.


Services We Offer To Protect Your Website

SSL Certificate Fix

When an error occurs, a web browser is unable to verify the SSL certificate. At Raidlayer, by diagnosing the problem we install, upgrade all URLs to HTTPS, and fix your SSL certificate.

Hacked Website Retrieval

Website hacking can be the most challenging thing to run a business smoothly. At Raidlayer, with our powerful hacked site recovery services, we will check your database and disinfect everything.

Phishing Attack Retrieve

A phishing attack typically arrives through an email by generating a malicious website link attachment. To minimize the rapid increase of, phishing attacks,
you can rely on us.

DDoS Attack Retrieve

A DDoS a.k.a. Distributed Denial of Service attack can ruin your business operating ability. This can come from multiple sources. At Raidlayer, our best prevention tools detect and mitigate the attack.

Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting attack is also known as XSS attacks that inject malicious content to users using JavaScript. At, Raidlayer, our developers can detect, repair, and prevent potential threats of XSS exploitation.

SQL Injection Attacks Recovery

A SQL injection attack is inserted into a website to exploit application vulnerabilities. At Raidlayer, with our recovery tool for SQL Server databases, we recover the lost or damaged data.

Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack is also known as a password cracking method that is used to steal personal data and by spreading malware. With our active IT Support protections for passwords, we help you to recover your password.

.htaccess Fixing

An internal server error or 403 error can happen due to a damaged .htaccess file. This also contains important server instructions. At Raidlayer, our developers can fix this error by simply deleting or renaming the file.

Unknown or Third-Party Code

Unknown or third-party code is written code that is served from a different domain or entity that can block your task or give poor web performance. At Raidlayer, we protect and secure your data.