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Hosting for MongoDB® Database & MongoDB
Web Hosting Servers

Fully managed cloud services for MongoDB® Database on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean with premium features and zero surprises.


Save Time and Resources

All operational benefits are 100% free with your DBaaS plan, including OS patching, log rotations, MongoDB® database upgrades, reporting, metrics, and custom alerts. You maintain full admin control to the underlying machine, with peace of mind knowing that our intelligent platform can dynamically scale to the needs of your production deployments.

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Best Hosting Tools for Optimizing MongoDB® Database

Reserved Instances

Save up to 75% on your long-term hosting costs with Reserved Instances on our Bring Your Own Cloud plans.

Virtual Private Clouds

Deploy your MongoDB® Database servers in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) subnets or an Azure Virtual Network (VNET).

High Performance Clusters

Special high performance SSD-based clusters for high read and write MongoDB® Database cluster throughput.

Free Backups

Get free scheduled and on-demand MongoDB® database backups in our Dedicated and Shared hosting plans.

24/7 Support

Upgrade your support package and get 24/7 support from our database engineers to help you migrate and quickly troubleshoot any issue.

Security Groups

Lock down access with Security Groups at the protocol and port access level and avoid exposing your database to the internet.

Host Your MongoDB® Database In The Cloud