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Privacy & Protection for Domains

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Why Domain Privacy + Protection?

Hide your personal information, protect your domain and website.

  • Prevent compromise of your personal information
  • Stop domain-related junk email, spam, or phone calls
  • Deter against potential stalkers or harassment
  • Protect against unauthorized access to your website and domain

Protect your privacy. Secure your domain and website.

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Domain Privacy + Protection

When anyone registers a domain, that person’s name, email address, phone number, and even home address is publicly available online in the WHOIS database. This happens because the laws surrounding domain names require every domain name owner to disclose their contact information.

Since most people don’t want their personal contact information available to the public where scammers, hackers, and anyone else can see it, they use Domain Privacy. Domain Privacy + Protection is a service Raidlayer offers that will hide your personal contact information from the public WHOIS database and replace it with generic Raidlayer contact information instead. You are still the owner of the domain name, but your personal contact information can be kept safe.

Domain Privacy + Protection protects you from:

  • Spam and other unsolicited emails.
  • Unwanted phone calls and postal mail.
  • Identity theft.
  • Fraudulent domain transfers.
  • Competitors being able to look up which domains you own.
  • Malware and SEO blacklists.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Domain Privacy work?

Domain Privacy works by keeping your information private. Don’t want the entire internet knowing your personal information? We don’t blame you. With this service, your personal information is hidden from public view and instead, Raidlayer’s information will appear in the WHOIS database.

What are the benefits of Domain Privacy?

With Domain Privacy, you maintain full control and ownership of your domain name, and your personal information won’t be made public. Domain Privacy helps to prevent identity theft, unwanted spam, and the sale of your personal information. Don’t worry, you can still be contacted by third parties if need be, without revealing your personal info to the public.

What are the benefits of Domain Security Alerts?

Domain Security Alerts lets you know if someone was making unauthorized changes to your account or domain? If a critical change is made to your account, like ownership or domain lock status changes, we’ll alert you via text message. If you didn’t make the changes, that could be an indicator that someone else is attempting to edit to your account.

How can I add Domain Privacy + Protection to my domain name?

Although you can add Domain Privacy + Protection before or after registering a domain name, we recommend doing it before. This way, your personal information is never made public in the WHOIS database. If you wait to purchase Domain Privacy + Protection, your information could be made public for a while and there’s no telling who will have seen it. It may take some time for all the WHOIS websites to clear their data caches and remove your information from public view.