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Investing in Domains
Way to make money online

Streamline your domain investing and maximize returns by building your portfolio at raidlayer. With tiered pricing, intuitive bulk search and management tools, a newly-revamped API, and advanced security options, you’ll save time and get more out of your investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do people make money from domain investing?

Register a domain that’s memorable or brandable and sell it for a profit. This is called domain investing or domaining.

How do I get paid after selling a domain?

When you create an account or listing you choose a payment method, like direct deposit or PayPal. If you have more than one option, you’ll be asked to pick your preferred method when you list your domain.

How do I know what a domain is worth?

While there are no concrete rules that determine a domain’s worth, length can be a major factor. Shorter domains, because they are easier for potential visitors to remember, are generally worth a lot. If a domain is long and hard to remember (or hard to spell), it’s generally not as valuable.