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Your one-stop solution for website protection.

The fastest, most reliable website backup service, which tracks all of your changes daily. CodeGuard scales to your business and your client’s business needs.

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CodeGuard Features

Provide peace of mind to your clients by using CodeGuard to backup and provide maintenance for their website.


MalwareGone removes malware from your website – automatically – before you even know that it is there.

Automatic WordPress Plugin Updates

We update your plugins automatically – so you don’t have to! And if the update doesn’t work properly, we roll it back.

Website Migration

Painful website migrations and moves are a thing of the past! Use our simple to use migration service to quickly migrate.

Staging Servers

Need to test an old website before pushing it to production? Quickly test any backed up site with simple staging.

Email Backup

Concerned that all of your emails may disappear? Enable email backup for you or your customers via our APIs.

Fully Featured API

Want to customize the CodeGuard experience for your customers? Or seamlessly integrate features into your UI?

24/7/365 support. We work when you work.

Our helpful customer service team is here for you. We provide onboarding assistance to get your website up and running quickly.

Our 24/7 technical support is always here if you need it.

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Got questions? Well, we've got answers.

Wait so, what exactly is CodeGuard?

In simple terms, CodeGuard provides you with the ability to 1) monitor your website for threats, and 2) restore your website from a previous version should any attacks or accidents occur. Two things that provide great peace of mind.

What’s the CodeGuard restore process like?

For starters, you get to decide what kind of restoration you’d like to do for your site, whether it’s a single file, database, or the entirety of your website. Once the restoration is finished, a backup of the change is created, and you’ll get an email indicating that the process is complete.