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Making the job of moving your server easy.

We offer free data migration on qualifying cPanel migrations and charge only a nominal fee for data migration on non-qualifying systems, making it easy to perform any custom server migration seamlessly. Either way, it is inexpensive and easy to move to a Hivelocity server.

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Automate Your Database Migrations

We approach your data with more scalability in mind by creating automated data migration systems that process, analyze, and map unlimited fields to your new database.

Schema Migration Automation

We develop automated migration systems to migrate business logic schemas and perform fast upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms.

XML Structure Scalability

Our automated data migration tool recognizes XML elements and attributes them to create mapping documents quickly and reliably.

Reusable & Configurable Data

Your framework is entirely reusable and configurable, so you can alter your data or data structures even after we migrate the data for you.

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server room
server room

Remote DBA Services From Raidlayer’s Experts

Whether you need to migrate to a new platform, move to the cloud, or upgrade your legacy systems,your existing IT team to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Data Legacy Modernization

Investigating your accident to gather evidence showing you would not have been injured were it not for a property owner’s unreasonable negligence

Business Value Assessment

We perform a thorough application assessment, carefully analyzing your legacy code and architecture to chart a modernization strategy that best fits your business needs.

Application Re-Engineering

Listing the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw your accident occur if you took down this information at the scene

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Cloud Object Storage

Cloud storage with
upgrade options of up
to 2TB storage available.


Stop internal & external attacks, prevent unauthorized access & achieve regulatory compliance w/ a Juniper hardware firewall.

Rapid Restore

A new backup and restore point with 100% of your server’s data is created every 24 hours.

Load Balancing

Distribute your workload & throughput across multiple servers with our enterprise load-balancing solution.

SSL Certificates

Ensure your online commerce is encrypted and secure with our industry leading SSL certificates.


Protect your Windows or Linux dedicated server against malicious attacks with our DDoS mitigation.

FAQs for Data Migration

How long do migrations usually take?

There is no general answer to that question as the time frame for a migration depends on the amount and type of data being transferred, the health of the source server, and the network connection from the source server to the destination server on our network. Be aware that the transfer process can take up to 24-48 hours to complete; the process may even be longer than that if the total transfer amount is large (75GB+) or if network speeds between the two servers do not allow it to proceed quickly.

Will there be any technical issues or downtime during my migration?

While we cannot speak to the stability and reliability of a remote server not on the Raidlayer’s network, we can say that there should not be any downtime during the actual migration process itself due to our technicians.

How does the actual migration work?

In the cases that we have root access to the server, we have the ability to sync data and re-import databases. Once this is completed, you can test your accounts. Upon successful testing we will, if possible, forward your DNS A Records from the source server to the Raidlayer server, perform a final rsync of data, and let you know that the migration has been tentatively completed. Within 24-48 hours, if we don’t hear back from you, we’ll follow up one last time and, if there is no lingering issues, mark the migrations as successfully completed at which time you can update your nameservers for your hosted domains at the registrar level. There is normally some propagation time associated with DNS changes but since our team had already forwarded DNS A records from the source server, if possible, propagation should be minimal.

What is the difference between a same panel data migration and a mixed panel migration?

Our same panel data migration service is limited to migrating accounts between servers utilizing the same control panel and OS. Occasionally, clients have a need to move their accounts from one control panel type to another. We offer the mixed panel migration service for this purpose which is charged at a higher rate due to the added complexity of these types of data migrations. Depending on which panels are involved, some features may not be transferrable. These are outlined fully in our data migration ticket prechecks and before any charge is rendered.

What if I don't have a control panel or the one I have is is not listed?e accident.

Migrating websites can get very complicated, particularly when migrating from a server without or with an unsupported panel to one of our panel servers. In these cases we are not able to accurately predict whether all the information needed for a seamless transition will be available. As always, you are welcome to submit requests with our support team and under some circumstances exceptions may be possible.